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Math lab

Mathematics laboratory definitely enhances the learning ability amongst children. It is a practical oriented classroom, a place where the learning materials are provided to children which are highly useful for the effective learning process.
It is the latest design to make mathematics real. The term “laboratory method” is commonly used today to refer
to an approach to teaching and learning of mathematics which provides opportunity to the learners to abstract mathematical ideas through their own experiences, that is to relate symbol to realities.
An integral part of the mathematics laboratory is the manipulation of objects. Through manipulating concrete material, the child would be able to bridge the gap between the real and the abstract world.
It is also a process and procedure for teaching and learning mathematics. The laboratory approach allows pupils to set up mathematical experiments for the purpose of discovering some mathematical principles, patterns and processes. Even teachers are a part of the process, group discussions, and individual projects.
The Math lab is activity-centered; the child is placed in problem solving situation and through self exploration and discovery, he or she provides a solution based on his or her experience, needs, and interests.